A Freelancer's Best Friend.
Work. Invoice. Get Paid.

*Currently in development. Alpha version is currently available for select users only.


Yuum helps keep all of your freelancing activities
in one neat and organized place.

Tired of managing multiple accounts for your freelance business? Yuum is here to help.

Manage Clients and Projects

Create unlimited clients and projects in one place. No more messy spreadsheets.

Create and Sign Contracts

Create contracts and sign them electronically in the Yuum App. No need to print and fax!

Send Invoices and Get Paid

Create one time or recurring invoices. Setup payments through Stripe.

Our Yuumy Features.

Yuum was carefully crafted and designed with you in mind.
Our app offers real time functionality with a touch of simplicity to make your life easier.

Recurring Invoices

Send either one time or recurring invoice on a schedule.

Sign Contracts

Create and sign contracts, all within the Yuum App!


Create and manage projects. Get notified when your project is due.


Create and manage clients. No more losing track of who's who.


Take payments securely through Stripe with no fuss.

Time Tracker

Track the time you spend on your freelance tasks.


Add tasks to your projects and get notified when a task is due.

Real Time Notifications

Always stay in the loop about your business with real time notifications.


Our Beautifully Crafted App

Create tasks and track your time.

Add tasks to your projects and track your time.
The Yuum App will remind you to take a break after working so long.
It's important to take a break every now and then eh? Stretch, grab a coffee and come back after you are well rested.


Real time notifications so that you
are not left in the dark.

Client viewed and signed your contract? Received a payment?
Project coming up due? We have real time notifications for that!

Our Yummy Pricing

The prices here are valid forever for Beta users.

Once the Beta period is over, you will keep the same low price forever.

    • PRO (Beta)


      Per month plus Stripe fees

      • Unlimited Contracts and Signatures
      • Unlimited Projects
      • Unlimited Clients
      • Unlimited Invoices
      • Unlimited Subscriptions
      • Task Time Tracker
      • Customer Support
      • Free 14 Day Trial. No Credit Card Required To Signup.

Take advantage of the lower prices and sign up for Beta today.

Frequently ask question about Yuum

Lets answer some questions about the Yuum App before our beta release.

The alpha version (for selected users only) was released recently. After we finish the alpha release, the beta version will be released. We want to make sure the product is ready before releasing it to the public. Most of the product is complete at the time of this writing. Check out the beta page for status updates. We will also be emailing you to keep you updated.

The prices listed above are beta prices. After the stable version of the app is released, the prices will change but you will keep the same low Beta prices FOREVER. We recommend signing up for Beta now and take advantage of our forever Beta prices.

We use Stripe to process payments. Rest assured, Stripe is the best in the industry for handling payments. We do not store credit cards on our servers. We simply store a secured tokenized version of your payment method. Please note that Stripe charges fees as noted here.

Of course. If for whatever reason you need to cancel, you can cancel your plan by going to Settings -> Billing -> Cancel Plan in the Yuum App. There will be a service disruption after you cancel your plan.

You may contact us at anytime at hello@yuum.io. We will respond as soon as possible. We also have live chat here on the website and inside the Yuum App.

This product is for solo freelancers who are trying to save money and time running their freelance business. The Yuum App follows the KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) method. The Yuum App is simple and painless to use. Our goal is and always will be simplicity.